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Privacy Policy

It is WorkTrend, LLC’s responsibility to guard the individually identifiable information and other nonpublic personal or financial information (“Confidential Information”) of our clients, consumers, brokers and participants (“Stakeholders”) from any unauthorized access or use. We take this responsibility seriously and promise to all Stakeholders that WorkTrend, LLC does not and will not knowingly distribute, sell or otherwise transfer any Confidential Information for any reason, except as required by law or contract.

As a third party administrator, WorkTrend, LLC maintains and transmits all sorts of Confidential Information and strives to remain compliant with all applicable laws, which include:

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)
  • Other state data protection laws (e.g., Massachusetts)

If you provide Confidential Information to WorkTrend, LLC via registration forms, if you are signed up for an WorkTrend, LLC account, or you “check” the box on the order screen allowing WorkTrend, LLC to use your Confidential Information, then your buying behavior and Confidential Information are subject to use by WorkTrend, LLC as per the WorkTrend, LLC Privacy & Security Policy described below, except where prohibited by law. WorkTrend, LLC can and will distribute this information to other WorkTrend, LLC departments for their marketing efforts, except where prohibited by law. You may receive advertisements via e-mail from the marketing department, but you will be able to unsubscribe.

Privacy & Security Policy

Since WorkTrend, LLC takes the privacy and security of your Confidential Information very seriously, our state-of-the-art site employs the very best security measures available to protect you. Our primary means of protection is SSL technology, which encrypts all your Confidential Information, including your credit card data, and prevents it from being intercepted over the Internet. In addition, access to your online account is

always protected by a unique User ID and password of your choice. Finally, we will never share or sell your Confidential Information, including your e-mail address, to other companies for any reason, except as required by law or contract.

Of course, if you still don’t feel comfortable sending your credit card information over the Internet, you can always call us to place any order. Our customer service representatives will be more than willing to help you.

  1. What information do we gather?

WorkTrend, LLC collects Confidential Information on our forms. There are many places on our website where we collect this information: during the event registration process, contact forms, etc. Depending on the information needed, you may be required to submit your name, company, e-mail address, telephone number, shipping address and type of payment.

  1. What organization is collecting the information?

WorkTrend, LLC collects and stores Confidential Information in our secure and confidential database. Intermediaries are used only to handle credit card processing and product fulfillment. A third party credit card verification company handles all credit card processing.

  1. How do we use your information?

We have three main uses for your Confidential Information: tracking your visit, processing your request and being able to contact you. We have three main reasons for contacting you: at your request, because of an issue with your account or for occasional special offers that may be of interest to you.

We do not track your visit by name but rather by website browsing habits. We use this information to stay informed about our customers’ needs and to make sure we are offering the best products and services available. Your telephone number is used only if we have questions or need to reach you immediately regarding your account.

We do not store credit card information on our site nor does our third party credit card verification company. This information is always requested on a purchase-by-purchase basis and it is used to process your request only. Your name, address, telephone and e-mail address all remain private in our secure database.

E-mail addresses supplied for various WorkTrend, LLC communications (e.g., the Newsroom) are also private and used only for the distribution list. If you currently receive Newsroomnotifications and would like to unsubscribe, the notification will have an unsubscribe link or you may simply e-mail us at newsroom@WorkTrend, LLC.com with subject “Remove from e-mail list, please.”

  1. With whom will your information be shared?

We will never share or sell your Confidential Information, including your e-mail address, to other companies for any reason, except as required by law or contract. We will restrict all access to your Confidential Information to those individuals and entities with a need to know that information.

  1. What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?

In order to complete any request/order/service, it is necessary for you to enter a minimum amount of information. The required fields of entry are always indicated on the form. All other fields are optional. You always have the option of entering your credit card information on our site or calling one of our customer service representatives to provide it over the phone.

  1. How do you correct/update your information?

WorkTrend, LLC offers you the ability to correct or change the information you submitted as often as necessary. You can access and change it by calling us during our normal business hours. Users who are experiencing problems or who have any questions about how our services work can contact us by filling out our web form.

  1. Delete/Deactivate Policy

If you would like your information to be deleted or deactivated from our site, please call us or contact us using our web form.

  1. How can you protect your information?

There are three simple things you can do:

    1. Do not share any unique User ID or password with any other individual.
    2. Do not leave your unique User ID or password out in the open or in an insecure location.
    3. When you have finished your task, always sign out immediately and close your browser.
  1. What other Privacy or Security protections does WorkTrend, LLC have?

Because WorkTrend, LLC creates, maintains, and transmits protected health information (PHI), as defined by HIPAA, on behalf of many of its clients, WorkTrend, LLC has put in place additional administrative, physical, technical and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of PHI as well as all Confidential Information. These include but are not limited to a risk analysis, regular monitoring, data encryption, access controls, extensive policies and procedures, oversight of third party vendors and ongoing training for workforce members.

  1. GDPR Compliance

New regulations and legislation impacting data collection and use are being introduced and implemented, including the EU regulation, General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. WorkTrend, LLC values individuals’ privacy and is committed to data protection and privacy. WorkTrend, LLC is not established in the EU and our SaaS platform does not target or monitor individuals located in the EU.